Aetna Insurance Information

April 1, 2021

To all our valued patients,

It is after much consideration I have decided to no longer be an in-network provider with Aetna as of July 1st, 2021.

I am writing to let you know we will still file your insurance claims to Aetna, but you will be responsible for our fees in our office (see below for a small sampling...). The insurance company will reimburse you, not us:

(D1120) Cleaning $116.00
(D1206) Fluoride $32.00
(D0274 and D0120) Bitewing xrays and examination: $122.00
(D0210) and D0150) Full mouth xrays and examination: $298.00.

If you would like your records emailed to another dental office, we understand and are happy to facilitate that. You can simply email your request and we will forward  to whatever email you would like.

If you go to another office and decide it was not for you, we welcome you back with open arms!

Our intention is to simplify the interior of our office so we can continue to provide spectacular dentistry, leading to the best outcomes for our patients!

I hope everyone is staying well during the pandemic. We appreciate you all as our patients!

With gratitude,

Jenny White, DDS